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Launch Events

Your Perfect partner

Over the years, Degu Media has helped launch bars, restaurants, drinks products, apps, magazines, and even fashion lines.

Our expertise and passion though is in food and drink.  Whether you're launching a new menu, restaurant, bar or drinks product, we would love to help you achieve your goals.

We love the buzz of a launch, the stress beforehand of last minute preparations, the media interviews, the glitz of the photographers an bloggers eager to take a peek, the media coverage in the days following and not forgetting the social media buzz.

We also understand you are at a pivotal point in for business.  We also understand that you have long term gains as well as the hype of launch night.  That's where our experience and experience comes in.


Propel Your Brand with Degu Media

More than just a one night stand

We offer a complete service to our customers.  After all, you don't want us to do half a job, so our complete retained services are at your disposal.  

Photography, video production, social media marketing, design, email marketing, brand management and public relations.  All working together to ensure your brand, your business, your passion succeeds.

We are here for you, like no other agency.  We won't throw extra bills and invoices to you that are expected, we will agree our fee and advertising budget based on your business, not ours.

It all starts with a coffee and a chat, so get in touch, we love to talk!



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